Mancozeb + Cymoxanil 440 g/kg WDG

Mancozeb + Cymoxanil 440 g/kg WDG

Fungicide with combined mode of action to control foliar fungal diseases in vegetables, grapes and ornamental crops.


40 % Mancozeb + 4 % Cymoxanil
70 % Mancozeb + 6 % Cymoxanil
64 % Mancozeb + 8 % Cymoxanil
Chemical group
Mancozeb - Dithiocarbamate
Cymoxanil - Cyanoacetamide oxime
Type of formulation – Wettable Powder (WP) and Water Dispersible Granules (WDG)
Mode of action: Combined fungicide withcontact, protective and curative action. The mixture ishighly effective when used in plant protection systems for rice, mango and other fruit trees, vegetables, rubber tree, potato, tobacco, and other agricultural crops. The unique mode of action of Cymoxanil, in combination with Mancozeb provides perfect preventive and curative protection against the target pathogens.
Cymoxanil quickly penetrates into the leaf tissue and destroys the already emerging pathogens.
Mancozeb forms a protective film and prevents the plants from a penetrationof the future infection.

Crop >Disease
Paprika Mildew Phytophthora capsici,
Anthracnose Colletotrichum capsici
Grape MildewPlasmopara viticola Phoma Phomopsis viticola
Onion Mildew Peronrspora destructor
Rubber tree Yellow leaf disease in Rubber
Black stripes - Phytophthora meadii
Mango Anthracnose Colletotrichum gloeosporioide
Litchi Mildew
Coffee Coffee rust - Hemileia vastatrix
Citrus Citrus scab - Elsinoe fawcetti,
Alternaria spot, Black spot, Citrus scab, Anthracnose
Potato, Tomato Mildew Phytophthora infestans
Alternaria leaf spot Alternaria solani
Cucurbitaceae crops Mildew Pseudoperonospora cubensis
Rice Yellow leaf, Rice blast

Application rates:
40 % Mancozeb + 4 % Cymoxanil WDG - 3.00 kg/ha
70 % Mancozeb + 6 % Cymoxanil WP – 150 – 200
g/100 l water 64 % Mancozeb + 8 % Cymoxanil WP/ WDG – 150 – 200 g/100 l water
Application instructions: Apply up to 6 times per season, in interval 7 – 14 days.
Use the shorter interval, when the weather conditions are favourable for the diseases development.
The products should not be used for treatment of crops when it is raining, 2-3 hours before rainfall or when the leaves of plants are wet. It should not be used when the temperatures are above 28 – 30°C.
Compatibility: MANCOZEB + CYMOXANIL formulations are compatible with most other common pesticides. It should not be used in combination with alkaline products, e.g. Bordeaux mixture or Lime Sulphur. It must not be used with calcium arsenate or urea on citrus. The product is incompatible with strong basic, acidic or oxidizing products. In case of a doubt it is recommended that the different products are mixed before using to make sure that the working solution does not curdle.
Safety period (Pre-harvest interval) in days:,
Rice – 21, Rubber – NA, Mango – 15, Litchi – 21, Potato – 15, Tomato - 3, Grape – 21, Coffee – 15, Citrus – 15, Cucurbits – 3, Pepper – 3, Onion – 10