Statement of the Management Team of Zenith Crop Sciences Bulgaria Ltd. on Company’s Policy on Quality

Zenith Crop Sciences is a producer and trader of plant protection chemicals.
The management aims at securing full compliance of the products offered with the requirements, by constantly improving the quality through effective process management with a quality management system that works effectively.

Our policy strives to achieve stable business and development through offerings of quality products that are in line with the needs and expectations of the parties concerned, our clients. To identify their requirements, track their satisfaction level and to achieve compliance with all applicable laws and legal requirements.

In order for this constant development to become a fact, the management shall endeavor towards

  • active participation of all the managerial personnel in defining and revising the directives, specific targets and tasks in order to create the environment for the staff to feel a part in the process and to actively contribute to achieving the results
  • engaging staff at all levels and using its potential in the interests of the company; ensuring the possibilities for training, awareness and competences.
  • strict definition and mastering of all processes required in the quality control, its sequences and interrelations, application of systemic approach in their management
  • taking actions for collecting of independent information for identifying, evaluating and managing of all risks and possibilities, for analyzing the data from the process management, for achieving of compliance with clients’ requirements, with other interested parties, as well as regulations; effectiveness of the quality system
  • planning and implementation of constant process and product improvements, as well as of the quality management system efficacy
  • forging of mutually beneficial relationships with all external suppliers
  • effective use of resources
  • Policy’s effectiveness’ and applicability evaluation, as well as updating of the same wherever needed

The Company’s management remains confident that the personnel is fully aware of the importance of quality management in our future and successes. It is convinced that each and every one of us, in accordance with his/her remits, responsibilities and capabilities shall contribute to the fulfillment of the policy and the effective functioning of the quality management system in accordance with the International standard ISO 9001:2015 – now and in the future.


As General Manager of Zenith Crop Sciences Bulgaria, I hereby declare
My personal participation and responsibility in the implementation of this Declaration on Quality policy, as set out above.

General Manager : ( Z.Kusheff )